I Love You Nanny you funny little grandma and how is Homer doing? You funny little Aunty?.

PomPoop, I Love Your name that you called me, Haripoop! and I Loved that Granda called wee, a Jimmy Riddle and I Loved it when Granda called poo poo a Dinky Doo.

Popple I Love that when you chase me in your house.


Thank you and a Joke

Thank you everybody who said ‘well done’ and everybody who said well ‘that is a long blog’.

Whatevs Dude! 

My Joke

(me)Have you ever seen Up Dog?

(you)……whats Up Dog?

(me) Not much bro!


Image ImageImageImageImageImage


(Harrison’s in a silly mood tonight)

How many Fire trucks?

i like your picture.

I like fire trucks because they’re super cool and they help people and if their house is on fire they come and put the fire out

and also they are my favourite colour red. Also they have long hoses and they like me.

I love you because you’re super cool and you have special suits on to protect you and also to make sure if the fire touches your suit it wont burn you down.

I wrote a letter to the fire station asking how many fire trucks they have and they wrote back to me.


my letter back

CFA letter



They also sent me some photos of fire trucks

Image Image


they have asked me to go and see the fire trucks on Sunday morning. i feel nervous because ive never been to a fire station before. I hope i get to sit in a fire truck and try on the suit.

Enjoy reading. Harrison


(typed by mammy but all Harrison words)

Harrison’s Blog

In a creative effort to encourage Harrison with his reading, writing and spelling, we have set up this blog. All posts will be written verbatim and Harrison will be encouraged to spell and type freely, but on occasion I will type for him.

Please enjoy the world of a gorgeous, happy, inquisitive 5 year old, who see’s the good in all, is thrilled by new things and who can teach us all about the world, from his perspective. 


I encourage you to leave commentsImage as he truly loves interacting with others and will be excited to hear from you!



Linds and Jus

Stuff that i do at school

school I do lots of things at school. I do writing at school and I do learning attentions at school. They are crossing your legs and putting your eyes on whose speaking and speaking in full sentences and our learning goals are trying something new and speak how you’re feeling and helping each other. We have a assembly on Tuesdays. I feel nervous when I do a assembly and also when I sing the song and also when I got my reward. Ms Sheilds and Katherine. I love you Ms Sheilds and Katherine. What is your middle name Ms Shields? How do you feel when you spoke when I got my reward? Did you feel nervous too Ms Sheilds and Katherine? I did.