Stuff that i do at school

school I do lots of things at school. I do writing at school and I do learning attentions at school. They are crossing your legs and putting your eyes on whose speaking and speaking in full sentences and our learning goals are trying something new and speak how you’re feeling and helping each other. We have a assembly on Tuesdays. I feel nervous when I do a assembly and also when I sing the song and also when I got my reward. Ms Sheilds and Katherine. I love you Ms Sheilds and Katherine. What is your middle name Ms Shields? How do you feel when you spoke when I got my reward? Did you feel nervous too Ms Sheilds and Katherine? I did. 



8 thoughts on “Stuff that i do at school

  1. What an excellent first blog! Well done. Everyone gets nervous sometimes, especially speaking in front of lots of people, so don’t worry! The more you practice, the less nervous you will be. Kudos for your certificate too! 🙂

  2. Hi Harrison, I very much enjoyed your recent blog and look forward to future blogs. Keep up the good work in school and be a good lad. Well done. Craig.

  3. Mr. Harrison, you use of the English language is higher than some students work I have to mark. It was a joy to read.

  4. Hi Harrison …aunty Karen and uncle Laurie here (but you know it’s Wayne really don’t you)
    How clever are you with a blog of your own…enjoy! We look forward to reading more about school. X
    I was watching the video of your football game yesterday. You are going to be a really good sports person I think.

  5. Harrison, this had me laughing away to myself, it’s brilliant.

    You can come be a policeman, and work with me anyday. I will have you writing the statements if we are teamed up though.

    Keep up the great work

    PC Plod Brett

  6. Hello Harrison. Its me, Homer!
    I heard you have started a blog and I thought I would type you a message using my paws. Sophie and James told me they went to see you at your home recently. She told me you miss me. I miss you. I think I should come over to your house and we can play again. You are my best friend and I love you very much.
    James did a pump before, Sophie was cross. But I laughed.

    Hope to see you very soon.

    Love Homer

  7. Hi Harrison — Granda here. What do you say when you need to visit the loo during your lesson? Do you say “Please Miss Shields can I go for a Jimmy Riddle?” Tell me all about your school lessons and especially about your sporting successes.

  8. Hello my clever little man. I have been to London and guess what? The Queen was in her palace! How cool is that? I showed Felix your fantastic kick and he wants you to teach him how to do it because you are so good at it. He is back in Melbourne next week. You will have to go see him. Will you take care of him for me please? I would feel much better about letting him go if I knew you were his best friend. After all your such a big clever boy now. Looking forward to hear more of your news. Love you – Pom Pom xxxxx

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