How many Fire trucks?

i like your picture.

I like fire trucks because they’re super cool and they help people and if their house is on fire they come and put the fire out

and also they are my favourite colour red. Also they have long hoses and they like me.

I love you because you’re super cool and you have special suits on to protect you and also to make sure if the fire touches your suit it wont burn you down.

I wrote a letter to the fire station asking how many fire trucks they have and they wrote back to me.


my letter back

CFA letter



They also sent me some photos of fire trucks

Image Image


they have asked me to go and see the fire trucks on Sunday morning. i feel nervous because ive never been to a fire station before. I hope i get to sit in a fire truck and try on the suit.

Enjoy reading. Harrison


(typed by mammy but all Harrison words)


5 thoughts on “How many Fire trucks?

  1. I remember when you were in England when you were only 2 Harrison. We spent many happy hours watching Fireman Sam on the TV. I wonder if that’s where your interest in fire Trucks comes from? Enjoy your trip on Sunday and if you get the chance give your Mam and Dad but not Daisy a wee squirt with the hose.

  2. Great story Harrison! I cant wait to see the photos from the fire station. Don’t be nervous, I know you will have a great time with the family. This will be the first and last blog I will ever follow, I look forward to reading more in the future. Keep up the good job, you silly Pineapple head! Lotza Love, your Crazy Uncle Shannon in Abu Dhabi xxxx

  3. Brilliant blog again Harrison!! Really enjoyed reading this. I hope you enjoy your time at the fire station on Sunday. Take care buddy. Craig.

  4. Well…what lovely firemen they are, to answer your letter. And how exciting to be invited over to see all the engines and maybe ride in one. I would choose the pumper…without a doubt the pumper will be the most interesting engine. We have more than one pumper over in Newcastle. I have to say that we probably have maybe 15 pumpers or even more.Yes definitely, you will have a wonderful time with the firemen, Harrison.
    Aunty Wayne (who is really aunty Laurie, as you know) went to the fire station near her house last week and she rode in an engine and tried on the firemans outfit…if I could figure a way to do it, I would upload some pics, but I don’t know how….anyway, I think the one she tried out was a pumper too…a very large pumper indeed.
    I really hope you enjoy your visit
    Lots of love


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